Impact of Cervical Erosion on Pregnancy

Cervical Erosion Treatment at Zhongba Hospital:

Zhongba Hospital is from the best gynecology hospitals in Lahore. Zhongba hospital have Chinese female gynecologists in Lahore Dr.GUOFEN LUI. She have 40 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders and Cervical erosion is one from them. Doctor Goufen treat cervical erosion with the help of LEEP KNIFE Technology and with Chinese traditional medicines.

Cervical Erosion Impact on Pregnancy:

The cervical erosion not only to the patient's body to bring some pain, for women's psychology will bring a lot of pressure, some women will worry that if such as some women worried about whether can be pregnant with cervical erosion after the end of cervical erosion after does not affect the pregnancy? See together.

cervical erosion

Can still be pregnant after palace neck debauched?

The doctor expresses, can be pregnant depend on circumstance and decide
Gynecologist in Lahore said, not to say that a suffering from cervical erosion after be pregnant, according to the patient's specific circumstances, because of the cervical erosion according to the erosion degree is divided into mild, moderate and severe, if it is mild is pregnant, but if it is severe and active treatment, is likely to be pregnant.

Cervical erosion cannot be pregnant?

Severe cervical erosion cannot be pregnant reasons
  • Cervical erosion in patients with cervical secretions than normal, and viscous, so that sperm is not easy to pass, affect sperm activity, prevent sperm into the uterine cavity, so it is not easy to combine with the egg.
  • Cervical inflammatory environment will affect the presence of sperm environment, reduce sperm vitality.
  • Cervical secretions contain a large number of white blood cells, they will also devour sperm after the cervical bacteria and toxins will kill sperm.
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