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Best Gynecologist In Lahore | Female Gynecologist

Zhongba Hospital’s Gynecology department is the busiest as well as most active department among others. With increasing cases of gynecology related issues in Pakistan, Zhongba Hospital is providing all the right services to fill in all the gaps that are made due to the unavailability of proper gynecologist in Lahore.

Pakistan happens to have a huge number of female population that has a lot of Gynecological problems but due to the unavailability of female gynecologist they go unnoticed and untreated those results in catastrophic rate of population falling prey to untreatable gynecological problems.

Gynecology Disorders

Some of the major issues related to women's health are given as below, that we treat  in Zhongba Hospital.

These are some of the main gynecological issues that are commonly seen in women in Pakistan and due to not having private gynecologist the consequences of these issues women do not get themselves treated properly. However now through best gynecologist over gynecological issues as well as awareness campaigns, Zhongba Hospital is working to get all these problems resolved in order to providing our nation with healthy and strong female force that contributes by playing their part.
We have a team of dedicated doctor and gynecologist who are there for our patients, working round the clock and providing all the needed help to get maximum number of people the treatment that they deserve. With modern medical facilities and qualified team of experts we have got grip over all the issues related to the gynecological problems and issues related to it. We have Chinese female gynecologist in our hospital, Dr. Goufen Liu. She has more than 25 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders. Gynecologist has a vast experience in handling run time complications that occurs during treatment. She provides treatment of almost all disorders related to gynecology.  She treats with the help of Chinese herbal medicines and latest technologies and LEEP knife technology is one from them.

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           ovary  pelvic cavity  uterus  urethritis  vaginitis

           annex inflammation


What is Ovulation

Ovulation and irregular menstruation puts a lot of pressure and stress on women. We in Zhongba Hospital provides treatment of all gynecological disorders


Help me Get Pregnant

If after many attempts you didn't get pregnant than you should go and visit your female gynecologist, she will help you in getting pregnant


Symptoms of Utrine

Zhongba Hospital has developed best Chinese gynecology hospital in Lahore. We treat all gyne related disease and Utrine is one from them.