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Irregular Menstruation Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Menstruation is also known as periods. Menstruation is a nightmare for females. Mostly females remain worried about their menstruation cycle. Menstruation starts at the age when female is of 12 years to 15 years of age and will end at the age of 45 years to 55 years. But the start age may be varied. Bleeding of periods can be last to 2 to 7 days.
Sometimes a woman faces irregular menstruation cycle, painful menstruation cycle called as dysmenorrhea and many others.
We at Zhongba Hospital provides all kind of irregular menstruation treatment  or ovulation treatment. We treat them with the help of Chinese traditional medicines in the supervision of female Chinese gynecologists Dr. Goufen. She has 40 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders including ovulation or irregular periods.
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