Irregular Menstruation Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Menstruation is also known as periods. Menstruation is a nightmare for females. Mostly females remain worried about their menstruation cycle. Menstruation starts at the age when female is of 12 years to 15 years of age and will end at the age of 45 years to 55 years. But the start age may be varied. Bleeding of periods can be last to 2 to 7 days.
Sometimes a woman faces irregular menstrual cycle, painful menstruation cycle called as dysmenorrhea and many others.
We at Zhongba Hospital provides all kind of irregular menstruation treatment  or ovulation treatment. We treat them with the help of Chinese traditional medicines in the supervision of female Chinese gynecologist in Lahore Dr. Goufen. She has 40 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders including ovulation or irregular periods.

When you are suffering from this conditon, you should know it and pay attention to treat timely, and also pay attention to a reasonable rest in daily days.

Irregular Menstruation can be Transferred from What Aspects?

It has been troubled women more than any other gynecological diseases, because it will give great harm to the health of the females. So it is better for them to protect their own body. Here ZhongBa Hospital experts will give you a detailed introduction about irregular cycle conditioning method. Do these conditioning works?

What are the Conditioning Methods?

1, Adjust the diet is one of the conditioning method. Diet should be of fresh vegetables and high in protein. Women should eat low fat foods in this condition. Patients need to eat a certain amount of fruit every day to supplement the body with water and nutrition.
2, Patients need to pay attention to the law of life. These patients often need to participate in fitness, regular exercise and sufficient rest, so that work and rest, especially to control the nightlife, to ensure adequate sleep.
3, Life harmony and studies have confirmed that in breast lobular hyperplasia, chloasma and many other endocrine disorders, and long-term single, married life is not harmonious, Therefore, improve harmonious life of the couple, to maintain the physical and mental health of women. These are one of the conditioning measures.
Experts Tips: The above is about how to regulate irregular menstruation problems, if you do not adjust the situation, and then you need to follow the above description to conditioning.


Why is there a lot of Bleeding During Menstruation?

Women are not very much known about the amount of menstruation. This is very normal physiological phenomenon. Too much or less menstrual is an abnormal menstruation. Also indicates that your body a partial addition to the problem.
Menstrual flow refers to the menstrual cycle is basically normal, the amount of menstrual disease significantly increased, it is likely to be caused by some gynecological diseases. Therefore, we must go to the hospital to check and in order to avoid the discovery of harm. The following are the guidelines of experts in ZhongBa Hospital; we can use these methods for the treatment.
Menstrual flow is situation to which often a lot of women encounter. This situation for female friends is a very troublesome thing. You should go to a professional hospital in order to get its better treatment.
Emotions on menstruation is also very important, and some women in the menstrual period will be inexplicable some irritable bad mood, which is influential for menstruation, it is recommended that you should pay attention to keep a happy mood, so as not to be emotional to hurt their liver and spleen, resulting in more menstrual flow.

What's the Reason of Vulva Itching During Irregular Menstruation?

Menstruation is something will happen on female every month. And the women physical resistance will be greatly reduced during the menstrual period. Sometimes there is genital itching on some women during the menstrual period. Many women puzzle about this, so what caused genital itching in menstrual period? Let us follow ZhongBa Hospital gyne Dr. Introduction.
The main reason for menstrual Itching is as follows:
There are more secretions in menstrual period and vigin hot and humid. If the sanitary napkins are too thick, not diligent to replace, even the body's resistance decreased, then will cause local inflammation to itching easily.
The use of unclean sanitary napkins and vaginal sanitary tampons can also be one of reasons, and if you are washing the genital area with hands or toilet paper, it wills likely worse the problem.
We can know that the reasons of vulva itching during Irregular menstruation mostly are caused by sanitary problem from the introduction above. So you should change underwear and sanitary napkins frequently to avoid the problem. Suggest you consult with ZhongBa hospital Dr. If there are some symptoms on you.


What is the best treatment for irregular menstruation? Let’s follow ZhongBa Hospital Gynecology doctors' introduction.

1, Drug Treatment:

The treatment of irregular menstrual which caused by Acute cervicitis can be oral broad-spectrum antibiotics, such as cephalosporin antibiotics plus metronidazole, etc.

2, Surgical Treatment:

Cervical polyps can do cervical polyp’s removal surgery, cervical gland cysts can puncture fluid; cervix cough laceration and mucosal valgus can do cervical repair surgery. This is also the treatment of irregular menstruation.

3, Physical Therapy:

The treatment of Irregular menstruation also includes iron, frozen, laser, infrared, etc., for the large erosion area or inflammation is severe, mostly can be cured in one time.
Hope you to pay attention to the emergence of this disease to be treated timely and adopt good life habits, which is the only way to recovery.

Causes of Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia is termed as heavy or long menstrual periods with excessive bleeding. It can be causes by a lot of reasons and we describe some of them here.

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