Irregular Menstruation Treatment and Causes

Treatment of Irregular Menstruation

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irregular menstruation treatment 
Following are the disorders that irregular menstruation can cause:

Abnormalities Caused by Menstrual Disorders

1. Emotional Abnormalities Caused by Menstrual Disorders

Emotional abnormalities, such as long-term mental depression, mental stress or suffer major emotional motivation and emotional disturbance, can lead to menstrual sicknesses or dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea. This is because menstrual secretion of hormones in the ovaries formed after the endometrium, ovarian hormone secretion by the pituitary and hypothalamic release of hormones control, so whether the ovaries, pituitary, or hypothalamic function abnormalities, will affect the Menstruation.

2. Cold Stimulation Caused by Menstruation or Amenorrhea

Women menstrual cold stimulation, will make the blood vessels within the pelvic contraction, can cause menstruation too little or amenorrhea. Therefore, the daily life of women should pay attention to cold period to avoid wet.

3. Diet Causes Irregular Menstruation

Teenage fat accounted for at least 17% of body weight, menstrual menarche occurred only, body fat, at least 22% of body weight in order to maintain normal menstrual cycle. Excessive dieting, due to lack of body energy intake, resulting in a large number of body fat and protein are consumed, resulting in significant lack of estrogen synthesis obstacles, affecting menstrual cramps, and even by the amount of rare or amenorrhea, the pursuit of slim women, must not blind Dieting.

4. Addicted to Tobacco and Alcohol Cause Menstrual Disorders

Some components of cigarettes and alcohol can interfere with the menstrual-related physiological processes, causing menstrual disorders. In smoking and excessive drinking women, 25% to 32% of people due to menstrual disorders and to the hospital for treatment. Smoking more than a packet a day or drink a high degree of white wine 100 ml or more women, menstrual disorders are not smoking and drinking women 3 times. Therefore, women should not smoke, drink less.