What are the Reason for Late Periods?

What is the Reason for Late Periods?

Gynecological experts of ZhongBa hospital said that whether menstruation is normal or not, not only related to the health of body, but also up to women's personal constitution, mostly gynecological disease infection will cause irregular menstruation, the infection more, the impact more, Therefore, should be treated timely. In real life, the mostly reasons of women's menstrual delay as following:
reasons for late periods


Contraceptives is a great impact on women's health, we should pay more attention, not take contraceptives long-term to contraception. Although the harm is relatively low to use short-acting contraceptives occasionally, but sometimes may cause symptoms such as irregular menstruation and menstrual delay.

Ovarian Disease:

Ovarian produce the corresponding hormone to promote endometrial growth and peeling periodicity to forming menstruation. If the ovarian lesions will cause ovarian dysfunction, it will affect the secretion of menstruation, and then will delay menstruation or amenorrhea. Ovarian diseases like ovarian premature aging will be reasons for late period and irregular menstruation.
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Mental Factors:

Menstruation impacted by female endocrine system. Endocrine disorders will cause irregular menstruation, and mental factors can affect endocrine to disorders. Therefore when women face mental stress, depression and melancholy for a long time will cause endocrine disorders to result in delay menstruation or other symptoms.
These are the reasons of delayed menstruation, and some women menstrual delay is very serious, should go to hospital to be treated timely.
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