What Causes Amenorrhea? | How to Deal with it?

What Causes Amenorrhea? | How to Deal with it?

Many women who are not at menopause age but they suffers from amenorrhea. What is the problem with them? How to deal with it? Let us follow ZhongBa Hospital Gynecology Doctor's advice about its causes and treatment.
Normally females face menstruation every month after their first menstruation.
Generally females didn’t faces this condition until its natural menopause either at middle age or elder age. But there are some other reasons that will cause it, so what are the reasons that cause it? 

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What Causes Amenorrhea?


1, Pregnancy:

Use early pregnancy test paper to test urine after ten days of menstrual delay; it's likely to be pregnant with positive test result. But if it is pregnancy then there will be some other symptoms as well, such as nausea, breast pain, etc. And the best way to figure it is to do B-ultrasound examine.

2, Gynecological Surgery

Cervical adhesions which caused by uterine surgery will cause blood deposition. So it delays the menstruation.

3, Endocrine Disorders

Anemia, tuberculosis, nephritis, diabetes and other chronic diseases are also a common cause of delay in menstruation.

4, Side Effects of Drugs

Such as taking birth control pills will cause endocrine disorders, and finally cause issues such as menopause and ovulation delay.

How to Deal with Amenorrhea?


1, Reasonable Diet

First not overeating;
Second not fat greasy, because the fat body susceptible to amenorrhea; 
Third not eat food like ice-cream. Chinese medicine expert assumes that cold will lead the blood run poor, which will leads to this problem. 

2, Appropriately Sexual

Normal sexual life is better as twice a week. Excessive sex life will damage the liver and kidney and then formed amenorrhea gradually.

3 Do Contraception

Unmarried women or married women who do not want to have babies should take safe contraceptive measures to prevent accidental pregnancy. Any method of abortion will destroy endometrium.

4, Bogey Cold

Wading rain, cold water bath, clothing thin, home damp, morning tide, etc. can cause cold blood stasis which lead to amenorrhea. 

5, Moderate Breast-Feeding

The suckling period is appropriate from 10 months to 1 year. Suckling period too long will not only lead mother maternal malnutrition, but also affect the synthesis and secretion of hormones. Chinese medicine experts believe that milk is produce from blood. So too long lactation will cause blood loss and lead amenorrhea.

6, Optimistic Attitude

Some patients' face it because of the dysfunction of central nervous system and hypothalamic which caused by the spirit of excessive tension, fear, living area changes. Therefore, we should pay attention to emotional adjustment, be a happy mood, ability to adapt the changes in environmental, to avoid unnecessary mental trauma. Only think positive and stay optimistic to avoid the occurrence of amenorrhea.

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