Ovarian Disorders Treatment | PCOS Treatment in Lahore

Ovary is a female reproductive organ and it is located on the lower abdomen. There are two ovaries present inside the female. One on the left side and the other one is on the right side. Both of these ovaries produce hormones as well as eggs. But these ovaries sometimes get affected and turn into big disease about which mostly women didn’t know.
Sometimes a cyst creates on the ovaries called as ovarian cyst. Another disorder of ovary is polycystic ovary syndrome also called as PCOS.
Zhongba hospital provides the treatment of all gynecological disorders including ovary disorders such as ovarian cyst treatment and PCOS treatment. We at Zhongba have female Chinese gynecologists in Lahore, Dr. Guofen. She treats all ovarian disorders with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and latest equipment and technologies.

PCOS Treatment

Polycystic ovary syndrome is major cause of infertility. PCOS treatment is possible with Chinese medicine and laparoscopic surgery. Zhongba hospital treats it.

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