Treatment of Carcinoma of Cervix

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Zhongba Hospital in Lahore treats gynecological disorders in the presence of Chinese gynecologists in Lahore. Dr GOUFEN LUI is the female Chinese gynecologists of Zhongba Hospital. She treats patients with the help of chinese traditional medicines and by using international technologies and LEEP KNIFE technology is one from them.

Carcinoma of Cervix:

First understand the factors leading to carcinoma of cervix incidence is easy to prevent the occurrence of carcinoma of cervix. On the occurrence with early marriage, childbearing, fertility, sexual dysfunction and cervical infection of herpes simplex virus factors such as cervical cancer, but the relevant data show that the cervical erosion women with cervical cancer incidence rate is 10 times than the non-cervical erosion. The more serious degree of cervical erosion, the longer the course of disease, the higher the likelihood of inducing cancer, can also cause bleeding, infection and other serious consequences. This is to remind the majority of women have to pay more attention to their health, to abstinence, avoid multiple sexual partners. < I have a question to livechat! >

carcinoma of cervix
1 Timely and effective use of contraception, reduce the incidence of induced abortion, induced labor, to reduce the chance of  trauma and bacterial infection.
2 Pay attention to sexual health, proper control of sexual life, and resolutely put an end to extramarital sex and avoid menstrual sexual intercourse. < I have a question to livechat! >
3 When menstrual period is too short (too little), menstrual period is longer (too much), should find out the cause and active treatment.
4 Postpartum found cervical laceration should timely suture.
5 Regular gynecological examination, in order to detect cervicitis, timely treatment, to ensure thorough treatment, so as not to relapse. < I have a question to livechat! >
In short, once found with cervical disease, be sure to timely treatment, avoid delay to miss the better treatment opportunity.
CCRF radio-frequency is a non-invasive treatment method, integrated transmission (LEEP) and LEEP knife (BBT) bidirectional solidification, in the ultrasonic monitoring and guidance, through as thin as hair tip of the wire electrode to generate a high frequency electromagnetic wave in the lesions produced strong energy, can precisely locate the lesion site from the inside out, leading to protein denaturation and tissue cell irreversible necrosis, promote tissue regeneration, improve microcirculation, thus eliminating inflammation, repair vulva, no damage to normal tissue objective. Will not leave scars, a good protection of the integrity of the gland function, perfect repair does not affect fertility, particularly suitable for patients with fertility needs. < "is this technique suitable for me? Online consulting! >

Major Advantages:

1 Top technology, can monitor non intervention, minimally invasive, micro pain, no trace
2 Experts personally operate, safe and comfortable operation, and not harm normal tissue
3 The effect is ideal, not easy to relapse, perfect repair, does not affect fertility.
4 Operation time is short, no need hospitalization, with treatment go, postoperative recovery fast.