Types of Cervical

Types of Cervical Treats at Zhongba Hospital:

Zhongba Hospital treats gynecological disorders with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and LEEP Knife Technology . Cervical erosion is from one of them. Zhongba Hospital has female Chinese Gynecologists in Lahore . She has 40 years of experience. She treats cervical erosion before it converts into cervical cancer .

Types of Cervical:

Cervical inflammation is the most common gynecological disease. Cervix vulnerable to childbirth, uterine cavity injury, and cervical canal monolayer columnar epithelial resistance to infection is poor, and because of cervical mucosal folds, in the event of infection, it is difficult to completely remove the pathogen, which leads to chronic cervicitis.
types of cervical
Cervicitis is divided into chronic cervicitis and acute cervicitis. In addition, according to disease changes, there are several types of cervicitis.
  • Cervical Erosion.
  • Cervical Hypertrophy.
  • Cervical Polyps.
  • Cervical Gland cyst.
  • Cervical Endometritis