Hymen Repair Surgery in Lahore

Hymen Repair Surgery in Lahore

Hymen repair surgery is popular plastic surgery nowadays. It is suitable for the woman whose hymen rupture caused by sex life or caused the excessive sports. So which women can do it, Let's follow ZhongBa Hospital Dr. introduction.
The hymen is Membranous tissue out of the vagina, with is rich in blood and nerves. The hymen rupture caused by various reasons not only trauma patient physical but also more serious psychological trauma.  Surgery can repair the rupture of the hymen, which also can certain restore women self-confidence and self-esteem.
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hymen repair surgery

Surgical Approach to treating it:

The hymen is a layer of circular empty film covered in the female vaginal opening, about 1-2mm thick, both inside and outside are moist mucous. Hymen repair surgery technology is used to restore remnant hymen to the original state before the rupture with scientific methods. The difficulty of surgery depends on the shape of the rupture of the hymen. It is generally easier to repair which caused by outer impact, less sexual life or sports gear. But if the hymen is severely damaged by heavy sexual life then the repair surgery is very difficult. But it can still be repaired completely with the help of experienced surgeon's doctor.
Because the hymen is only 1-2mm thick, and the texture crisp, easy to tear, surgery with a very tiny absorption of the non-woven needle with the two corners of the fissure of the appropriate match under the microscope, fine surgery and local damage is also very small. It is safe and reliable, will not cause the suture traces like hymen narrow and thickening the edge. Hymen repair with the painless process, no need to remove stitches. The hymen natural beauty will restore after the repair. A week later can be perfect as ever.
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Notices before Hymen Surgery:

Should avoid the menstrual period, the better time for hymen surgery is 5 days after menstrual clean to 10 days before the next menstrual. If the women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases or vaginitis should be treated these diseases before doing hymen repair. Hymen can’t be repaired in pregnancy.
Finally, the remainder is fewer activities in a week after surgery and avoid strenuous exercise in a month, reduce the stimulate diet to prevent constipation. Generally, Hymen can be restored as ever 1 to 2 months after Hymen repair.
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