What are Vaginal Infections?

Types of Vaginal Infections: Are you suffering from one?

Vaginal issues can be very tricky at time. Being a woman you should be aware of all the problems that you may come across after your puberty. Having vaginal infections is the most common problem among women and they do not seem to take it as seriously as they should be taken as. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the very common vaginal infections that you may also come across, so you know how to tackle them in time before more damage is made.

vaginal infections
The vaginal infections are often results of bacterial unbalance. It might come as a surprise to a layman but a healthy vagina has to have a lot of bacteria’s and yeast organisms, however there has to be balance among the ratio and abundance of these organisms. Any imbalance among these organisms may lead to an infection that can later become and bigger problem. This imbalance can be due to the following reasons enlisted as below.
  • Hormonal changes
  • Antibiotics and Steroids
  • Vaginal Intercourse and sexual transition of Infection
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Apart from these there can also be many external and internal reasons that may lead to vaginal infections. Now we are going to take a look some the major and most common types of vaginal infections that are seen in women due to the above mentioned reasons.

Bacterial Infection

As we have already discussed the presence of “friendly” bacteria in vagina and maintain the health down there however an imbalance in bacteria that can be either immense increase or decrease may lead to an infection in the vaginal area.

Yeast Infection

Another common type of vaginal infection is Yeast infection that is caused due to some dangerous species of yeast including fungus. However there are some species of yeast that are friendly with your vagina that includes Candida.


Commonly known as Trich, Trichomonas is a single celled parasite that is transmitted into vagina most often due to sexual intercourse. This parasite can cause some major damage if not treated properly in time.

Chlamydia Viginitis

We all must be aware of the term Chlamydia as a sexually transmitted disease, Chlamydia Viginitis is its counterpart that causes same kind of damage to female reproductive organs and spreads through sexual intercourse. 

Non Bacterial Vignitis

All infection mentioned up till now are basically spread through bacterial activities or due to sexual intercourse however there are many other non bacterial infections as well that are spread through usage of synthetic materials over the vaginal area such as perfumes and soaps.

These are some of major types of vaginal infections that one may confront in a lifespan. You should have a complete knowledge about the remedial measures and cautions leading to problems associated with these problems and contact your doctor at the very instance of finding any symptoms leading to the problems of infection in vaginal area.