Ruidong Zhang

Doctor Ruidong Zhang

Doctor Ruidong Zhang

ZhongBa Hospital pain expert Doctor Ruidong Zhang has more than 20 years working experience on the diagnosis and treatment of neck, shoulder and lower back pain through Chinese and western treatment procedure. With a solid theoretical basis and rich clinical practice experience he is good at treating cervicogenic headache and frozen shoulder. He uses integrated Chinese and western medicine treatment to cure prolapsed intervertebral disk (PID).

In addition to the traditional Chinese medicine pain treatment techniques and methods, he also uses radio frequency, ozone, needle knife, silver needle and other minimally invasive interventional treatment of spinal, joint and soft tissue diseases. He went to Beijing Needle Knife General Hospital, Jiangxi Nanchang University Medical College Affiliated Hospital and Beijing 301 Hospital to study.

He provides treatment of following disorders:
Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation (PID), bone hyperplasia, rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, sprain, stiff neck, various stomach problems, neck and shoulder pain.