Precautions for Embedding Weight Loss Method

Precautions for Embedding Weight Loss Method

1, Inform the Body Condition:

Before the catgut embedding, you should inform physician about your body condition and the medicine that you are using at present.
Precautions for Embedding Weight Loss Method

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2, Can Embedding be Test on Thigh:

Observe swelling or heat pain within 24 hours after points buried. If there is pain, you should go back for treatment immediately. If it is easy to allergies, can be embedding in the lateral thigh to test allergic reactions in 24 hours ,if there is no problem then do embedding  in next day.

3, Embedding on the Focus Point: 

Should be embedding on the shaping position, such as embedding every 1 needle both vertically and horizontally around 4 pulp faraway from navel for abdomen. Embedding every 2 needles on both sides for the waist. The subcutaneous fat of chest is too thin, and may hurt lungs or heart, so it is not suited for embedding.

4, Tap the Position to Detumescent:

Press the wound with cotton after embedding, paste the breathable tape, and remove it after about 3 to 4 hours. There may be a slight soreness after buried, can press light about 5 -10 minutes when there is swollen hard particles, to help the mass block to eliminate, should not force around.

5, With the Chinese Medicine:

Embedding therapy with Chinese medicines use to suppress appetite. It increase the metabolism. You should inform the physician timly about heart disease, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, or taking other drugs, so as to avoid adverse reactions.

6, Control Diet and More Sports:

With less eating and more sports, the effect of weight loss is better. Eat less than 1/3 or half bowl of starch, 3 servings of vegetables and 2 fruit a day,1 servings of vegetables about 1 bowl cooked, 1 fruit about big as 1 fist, sports 3 times a week, every 30 minutes.

7, Crab Swollen Should not do Embedding:

Crab swollen constitution or diabetic patients are not suitable for embedding. Because the former may appear ugly scar, the wound of latter will more difficult to heal. The skin ulcers, wounds, skin diseases, etc. are not suitable for catgut embedding. Embedding on top two days of female physiology, may cause the irregular menstruation, so should to avoid.

8, If You Stay up all Night may Easy to Syncope:

Staying up all night, hungry, eat too full and drunk people are not suitable for embedding. Because the body is in more weak state, if do catgut embedding may be prone to dizziness, nausea vomiting, walking instability. The systemic blood circulation speed up after bath, should also avoid embedding, it is recommended at least 2 hours later.

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