Weight Loss Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Weight Loss Treatment at Zhongba Hospital:

Zhongba hospital provides treatment of excessive fat on body. We treat fats with the help of Chinese weight loss medicines. We have Chinese diet and nutritionist in our hospital and they made very effective diet plans. If you want to decrease your weight then visit Zhongba Hospital in Lahore.

Why to Lose Weight?

Weight loss is to reduce excess body fat, body weight for the purpose of behavior. Moderate weight loss can reduce the risk of obesity, but also improve the health of patients with obesity complications.
The market has a variety of different weight loss concepts, weight loss products, please choose carefully. Excessive, too fast to lose weight will have adverse effects on the body. Adopt the scientific correct weight loss methods, vigilance for the hypothetical stage, unproven weight loss concept.

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Types of Fats in Body:

According to the distribution of fat in different parts of the body, obesity can be divided into two types of abdominal obesity and hip type obesity. Abdominal obesity, also known as centripetal obesity (clinical standard name for the central obesity), male obesity, visceral obesity, apple-type obesity, this fat is mainly deposited in the abdominal subcutaneous and intraperitoneal, limbs are relatively small. Hip fat obesity mainly deposited in the buttocks and legs, also known as non-centripetal obesity, female obesity or pear-shaped obesity. Abdominal obesity risk of complications than hip-type obesity is much greater. In addition, according to the different age of onset, it can be divided into juvenile onset of obesity, adolescent onset and adult onset obesity.

Treatment of Weight Loss Through Medicines:

Zhongba hospital provides medicines weight loss treatment. Commonly used drugs for fatness treatment are two main categories: one is the role of the central appetite suppressant: such drugs, also known as anorexia, it is through the influence of neurotransmitter activity, reducing serotonin and noradrenal Re-uptake, thereby reducing food intake, suppress appetite and increase basal metabolic rate to weight loss, such as sibutramine. There is also a role in the peripheral lipase inhibitors: by blocking the absorption of part of the fat diet to achieve weight loss goals, such as orlistat, in the gastrointestinal tract inhibition of gastric lipase and pancreas, thereby reducing fat absorption of about 30 / RTI & gt; Patients requiring medications with BMI greater than 30kg / m2 and no complications, or greater than 28kg / m2 have other complications.
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