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    Emergency Case
    With our emergency case dealing ability we are serving round the clock to provide the medical assistance to anyone who needs it anytime.
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    Online Care
    Our vision is to serve the patients with the best of abilities. We provide a range of flexible solutions for our patients to adjust with.
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    We have dedicated lines, staff and online appointment services for our patients to manage their regular checkup and diagnosis visits in time.
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    About Us & What We Do

    Zhongba Hospital is a state of the art medical facility equipped the latest medical treatment facilities and having a number of expert doctors in its team making it one of the best hospitals in the whole region. Although we are well equipped to tackle any of the medical complaint, but following are some the expertise that our team of dedicate doctors have complete grip upon.
    Gynecology Disease
    We have a team of Gynecology experts that are there to help our patients round the clock, conducting Gynecology examinations and diagnosis.
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    Andrology Disease
    We have a team of expert doctors with the specialization in all the disorders and a grip over all the medical problems related to men.
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    Anorectal Disease
    Our team Anorectal Experts is working round the clock to provide all sorts of expertise to our patients with any kind Anorectal Complications.
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    Online Care
    We have a whole department of Chinese and Pakistani specialist’s doctors who are dedicated to serve the patient’s quires through online chat as well.
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    Latest News

    • Chinese Traditional Medicines
      Guofen Liu
      Guofen Liu is Chinese female Gynecology specialist. She has 40 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders with the help of Chinese medicines. ...
    • Chinese Traditional Medicines
      Ruijun Liu
      Dr. Ruijun Liu is Chinese Andrology and male infertility specialist. He has vast experience in treating Andrology disorders with the help of Chinese medicines. ...
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    Gynaecology Department

    Medical pratice dealing with the health of female's reproductive system

    There are various kinds of gynecologic diseases,most common disease are:uterine myoma,ovarian cyst,vaginitis,cervicitis,cervical erosion...

    Andrology Department

    particularly relating to the problems of the male reproductive system

    A general perception about men being medically superior in all regards, especially in sexual issues related to them, and has grown into a menace in Pakistan.

    Anorectal Department

    refers to illnesses of the anus and/or rectum

    With all these departments and medical facilities at Zhongba Hospital, we also have a qualified and department that solely deals with Anorectal disorders and issues...

    Meet Our Doctors

    For a hospital to work at its optimum, there are basically two things that are needed to be fulfilled, one is the requirement of the state of the art facilities and treatment equipment and second one is a dedicated team of qualified and expert doctors. In Zhongba Hospital, you can find the perfect amalgamation of both that provides us with happy clients and healthy patients.

    Testimonials & Clients

    What our clients says
    Sadia Sadaqat

    Dr. Guofen Liu is the most experienced female gynecologist to whom I ever met. She first thoroughly studied my case and then she performed my surgery. I am feeling very healthy after surgery. Dr Goufen and all of her staff are very good and cooperative. Thumbs up for Zhongba hospital.

    Amir Ajmal

    Dr. Ruijun Liu is very expert and very caring doctor. I'm so pleased that I came to his hospital he treated me with the most respect I've ever been treated by a doctor. He truly understood what I was facing with the problem. He diagnoses my problem properly and then he starts its treatment. Now I am feeling much better.